WordPress 17.5-rc-1 APK Download by Automattic, Inc

Download Free WordPress 17.5-rc-1 APK Download by Automattic, Inc for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of WordPress 17.5-rc-1 APK Download by Automattic, Inc

WordPress for android Put the power of web publishing in your pocket. It has various features such as website creator.

–Put your big idea on the web. WordPress for Android is a website builder and blog maker. Used to create a website.
–Choose the right look and feel from a wide selection of WordPress themeCustomize with photos, colors and fonts to create your own.
–Built-in quick start The tips explain the basics of setting up a successful new website. (We are not just website creators–we are your partner and cheerleader!)

–Check your website statistics Track activity on your site in real time.
–Examine daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to track which posts and pages get the most traffic over time insight..
–Use the traffic map to see which country your visitors are from.

– get notification about comment, LikeYou can use, and new followers to see people react when a website occurs.
response new comment It appears to keep the conversation flowing and thank the readers.

–You can create updates, stories, photo essay announcements, whatever. –With Editor..
—— Bring your posts and pages to life Photo Find the perfect image in videos and videos from your camera or album, or in your in-app collection. Professional shooting that can be used freely..
–Save your idea as draft When your muse comes back, come back to them. Schedule By posting new posts for the future, your site will always be fresh and engaging.
– add to tag And Category Get new readers to find your post and see your viewers grow.

–WordPress is more than just a blog author — use it to connect with the community of writers within WordPress reader.. to see Thousands of topics by tag, Discover New authors and organizations, and follow us What is intriguing to you.
–Please wait for the post that fascinates you Save for later viewing Features.

–Automatic setup share To notify your followers on social media when you publish a new post. Automatically crosspost to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
–Add a social sharing button to your posts to allow visitors to share your posts over the network and make your fans ambassadors.

There are many blog services, website builders, and social networks out there. Why create a website in WordPress

WordPress makes up more than a third of the webUsed by hobby blogs, businesses of all sizes, online stores, and even the largest news sites on the Internet. Many of your favorite websites may be running in WordPress.

WordPress allows you to own your own contentOther social networks treat you as a product and take ownership of the content you post. But with WordPress, everything you publish is yours and you can take it with you wherever you go.

WordPress is an open source website creator.That is, anyone can see how it is made and even contribute. Other services and social networks are proprietary closed systems. It is not possible to know exactly how they work and what they are doing. And they can disappear!

Whether you need a website builder to create a website or a simple blog author, WordPress can help. It offers beautiful design, powerful features, and the freedom to build what you want.

WordPress for Android supports self-hosted sites running WordPress 4.0 and above, as well as all WordPress.com sites. Like WordPress, WordPress for Android is open source. See wp.me/P7jrAc-tJ for more details. Need help with the app? Send us a tweet on @WPAndroid or visit the android.forums.wordpress.org/forum/troubleshooting forum.

Privacy Notice for California Users: wp.me/Pe4R-d/#california-consumer-privacy-act-ccpa.

Download WordPress 17.5-rc-1 APK Download by Automattic, Inc APP Last Version 2021


Download now the Free APP WordPress 17.5-rc-1 APK Download by Automattic, Inc to install on your mobile Android. The installation process of the program depends on its developer. Sometimes it will be just Download APK, sometimes it will be Download apk + obb.

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How to Download APP WordPress 17.5-rc-1 APK Download by Automattic, Inc

Security, availability of the latest version and download speed depend on the software administrator.

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