Redesigned to provide a better storage experience!
* The Safe Storage interface has been improved to make the application much easier to use.
* Your phone number and password are sufficient to log in to secure storage.
* You can automatically back up your most valuable photos, best videos and contacts
* I’m still backing up in the background!
* We have fixed our little mistakes for your happiness
* We still don’t eat from your mobile internet

Free 100GB, 500GB, 1TB and 50GB for the first two months of Secure Storage to securely store, manage and share your most important files, best photos, videos and contacts. In addition, you can back up automatically and do not eat from the internet during the backup,
Thanks to safe storage, you can easily:
• Automatically back up your photos, videos and all other files.
• Use the My Phonebook function to back up your phonebook at any time and restore it to your device.
• Create a photo album and always remember your memories.
• If something happens to your mobile phone, access all the data backed up from other devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers).
• Do not eat from the mobile internet while backing up files.
• Use Family Cloud to share your photos and videos with family and friends.
• Enhance security by adding a fingerprint or PIN password without logging out of the application.
• Easily log in to the application using your phone number and verification code.
• Share large files as linked attachments without using the internet.
• Transfer files wirelessly from your mobile phone to your computer and from your computer to your phone.
• Back up files on your computer at
• Cleaner features can free up phone space and put an end to memory problems.
Your memories are precious, they shouldn’t be lost! We look forward to welcoming you to the Safe Warehouse Family! It’s possible together!