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We have expanded our presence to one-third of the Milky Way galaxy with our huge transportation network, the Lagrange System. Various forces have invaded the world in their own way, hoping to rule the Lagrange system.
As one of the force leaders, you are facing an era of challenges and opportunities. Your fleet explores uncharted territory where war and sabotage await. Are you determined to do something great there or return to your home’s safety?

From 0 to Infitnite
In an unknown galaxy, you have only a small city with two frigates. Through mining, construction and trade, we will expand our bases and territories, acquire better shipbuilding techniques and carry more weight in the intergalactic space.

Customized weapon system
You can also change and upgrade the weapon system of all ships if you want to take advantage of your creative side. It’s up to you to maximize the potential of your fleet.

Infinite ship combo
Spore Fighter, Destroyer, The Great Battlecruiser, Solar Whale Carrier … With myriad ships and aircraft available, it goes without saying what kind of fleet you can organize with your tireless ingenuity. ..

Realistic space scale battle
In space combat, a well-planned surprise attack can cause serious damage to the enemy fleet. Alternatively, you can choose to guard the boulevard with your fleet. Large-scale combat can create no-fly zones with a radius of hundreds of miles.

Adventure deep into unknown territory
In one corner of the Milky Way, you have your own base and view, and beyond that there is a vast unknown space. You send your fleet to the Dark Frontier and something can happen. What can you find other than the stars?

Interact with interstellar forces
It has the power to occupy a part of the universe. You can help them reach their goals by sending ships to aid and working together to prosper or instead occupy airspace and territory. An unknown quest awaits you. How to choose

Need an ally
This is a dynamic society, where cooperation and conflict occur on a daily basis. Join or form an alliance with global players. Expand your territory and spread your faith throughout the galaxy. You enter a robust universe that can attack for common prosperity in diplomacy or remain isolated.

Commanding battles in close-up view from every angle is thrilling, and 3D graphics are comparable to blockbusters. Only this time, you are the protagonist of a fascinating space.

Player comments:
Hussain, UAE Test Player: The graphics in the game are very impressive. I like to have lots of details on combat and resource gathering. I’ve never seen such a high quality strategic mobile game.
Daniel, American Test Player: Great ship! The model details are also very elaborate, making it a fun game that you can play for a long time by interacting with and modifying the ship.
Alex, German Test Player: I like the wide map and rich quest system. It’s a game that you can play for a very long time. It is a map that can be enlarged or reduced. The fact that I can plan gives me overall control.


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