Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory

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After saving your three friends from the rod clutch several times, the evil ice cream maker caught them again, this time taking them to his factory. In the previous article, J made his own special ice cream using ingredients collected by his friends, fattened it and caught it on a rod.
In this new chapter, Rod takes you to his factory. There you can find out more about both his past and the Sullivan family’s past. Explore different areas of the factory, confront the mysterious helpers of ice cream makers and discover even more surprises.

Release your friends from the cage before anyone gets to the extraction room!

Some features:

★ New enemy: Confront Mini Rod, a new helper for Rod. Factory guards trying to stop you from escaping will warn Rod when they meet you. Show off your skills by dodging them and running away.
★ Free exploration: For the first time in a saga, feel free to explore the vast, interconnected environment with no load times. It’s full of secrets about Rod’s past and his father, Joseph Sullivan.
★ Fun puzzles: Solve creative puzzles and free your friends from the cage.
★ Narrative Cinematics: Detailed cinematics to help you understand everything that is happening.
★ Original Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the world of ice scream with unique music to the saga and voices recorded specifically for the game.
★ Hint System: If you get stuck, there is a detailed hint window full of options to help you solve puzzles to suit your game style.
★ Different difficulty levels: Play at your own pace and explore risk-free in ghost mode or try out your skills. Face Rod and his helpers in different difficulty levels.

A terrifyingly fun game suitable for all spectators!

If you want a scary, fantastic and fun experience, play “Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory” now! Action and fear are guaranteed.
Headphones are recommended to improve the player experience.

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