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It was originally developed and released to the public in 2009. Mine Craft It has become a considerable phenomenon. Its creator, Markus’Notch’ Persson, launched it in Mojang, but he may not have expected the success achieved over time. This huge pixel sandbox adventure building game It sold tens of millions of copies … and went into the hands of Microsoft, which paid over € 2 billion for that right.

Now, with the support of big companies, the game is perfectly healthy and enhanced in several ways.It was also presented at Versions for multiple platforms It is available in APK format on Android (PE or Pocket Edition version) and Mac, like Windows, PS4, Xbox and iPhone.

The truth is that Mine Craft The same is true for Mac and PC.You can do it Explore a randomly generated world and build education of all kinds : From dilapidated huts to royal palaces. You just need to know two things: if you learn to make a good combination with your tools, you will be in a world with unlimited resources.

Two game modes and unlimited experience

There are two game modes to take advantage of the characteristics of the game. Here you can choose the difficulty of the world you play, from the more peaceful to the more confrontational.

  • Creative mode : Unlimited resources. You have to explore everything around you and concentrate on building impressive buildings.
  • Survival mode : Face the dangers and creatures that need to make shelters, armor, weapons.
  • Extreme mode : Same as survival mode, but the created world disappears when the player dies.
  • Audience mode : You can fly and watch the game without dialogue.
  • Adventure mode : For players who create plans for users who want to play online or alone.

Two game modes Focus on block placement and destructionYou can play in the first person or turn it into a vision in the third person. These blocks are various elements of nature such as stones, minerals, wood and soil.Players can, so at least in the primary state Crafter : Process them and combine them to make other materials that help him make more complex tools and structures.

In addition, the game Is randomly generated between algorithms, so it will be infinite and the two worlds will never be the same... So you can cross jungles, deserts, seas, mountains … and yes, there is also a day and night cycle. 20 minutes of play is equivalent to 1 day.

Major features

  • Build an unlimited virtual world.
  • Several game modes.
  • Combine different game modes: action, construction, adventure …
  • Feel free to explore the generated world.
  • Create your own world in the editor.
  • Play online and in real-time multiplayer.
  • Customize your game with mods and skins.

At the same time, the game is so flexible that it succeeds.In fact, it makes it possible Customize different aspects with mods and skins Customize your character and change the environment.

What’s new in the latest version

  • A new, simpler installer.

Download Free download for Minecraft973-Mac

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Free download for Minecraft973-Mac

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