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Foscam is a trusted world-leading IP security camera provider, designing, manufacturing and selling for over 10 years in more than 80 countries.
The Foscam app stays connected to your home or business anytime, anywhere. You can check in your pet while you’re in the office, watch your nanny on vacation, or find someone stealing these Amazon packages from your doorstep. With the Foscam app, you can:

The second iteration of the Foscam app brings you a whole new design with a handy side menu, an intuitive cloud timeline, a stable software architecture and more. From the app, you can add your camera in minutes and view the most important ones anytime, anywhere. You can also control and set up your camera to receive real-time alerts when motion or sound is detected.
Foscam Cloud gives you access to alert recordings via an intelligent and intuitive timeline. No standalone app required. All can be accessed from the Foscam app and Whether you upgrade or lose your smartphone, your cloud records are securely stored on military-grade servers and can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

With the Foscam app, you can:
-Leave all connection work to Foscam. EZLink only requires you to have a smartphone connected to WiFi. that’s it! *
-Check in to your home or office in real time with Live View.
-Easy cloud video scanning with 24/7 access and unmatched affordability **
-View recorded cloud footage with convenient search and scan features.
-Schedule recordings, set alerts, pan / tilt / zoom directly from your smartphone ***
-Get instant alerts. (coming soon!)

Foscam Cloud website:

Note: The Foscam app only supports Foscam HD, not MJPEG cameras.
If you are using legacy apps such as Foscam IP CamViewer or FoscamViewer, please install this all-new app for the best user experience.
Only official Foscam Cloud accounts are supported. Third-party accounts such as those developed by Foscam US are not supported.
Foscam App is a product manufacturer and brand owner, Foscam, Inc. The official app for Foscam products developed by. all rights reserved.
* See the product packaging to see if your device has this feature.
** Requires a paid Foscam Cloud subscription.
*** Check product specifications for compatibility.

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