FlightGear 2020.3.8 –Free download for PC

Download Free FlightGear 2020.3.8 –Free download for PC

for Windows

Download Free the latest version of FlightGear 2020.3.8 –Free download for PC

for Windows 10.

Commercial flight simulators do not have options to extend their functionality. Does not meet the needs of multiple users interested in Framework Things that can be changed. Flight gear Come up with the intent to cover that part of the market.

A viable alternative to commercial flight simulators.

Flight gear It’s a flight simulator Claims to be central to the development and use of applications that use Framework on Academic environment, for training new pilotsAs an effective tool in the aerospace engineering industry, or just for fun.


  • An open source flight simulator focused on developing new application frameworks.
  • Three different models of primary dynamics Flight tools developed by experts: JSBSim, YASim, UIUC (Used by NASA for computer simulation).
  • Over 20,000 airports With all sorts of details.
  • World map with attention to detailIt has visual elements such as, city, and undulating terrain.
  • Among other things, the time is implemented taking into account the position of the sun, moon, or star.

Model an airplane

Flight gear There are airplane models such as the 1903 Wright Flyer, Boeing 747, and A320, Create and model a personalized airplaneThere are suitable tools for creating fully functional airplanes and creating interactive 3D cabins. Always respect the actual operation of the flight instrument..

download Flight gear It’s a free, open source flight simulator perfect for crossing the sky. in addition, You don’t need a big power computer to use it..

Download FlightGear 2020.3.8 –Free download for PC

Last Version 2021

Download now the Free Software FlightGear 2020.3.8 –Free download for PC

to install on your Windows 10 PC. The installation process of the program depends on its developer.

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How to Download FlightGear 2020.3.8 –Free download for PC

Security, availability of the latest version and download speed depend on the software administrator.

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