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Fishdom Is a match 3 puzzle game in the deep sea where you can solve tables and mini-games to earn money and create aquariums with lots of fish and neat decorations.

Solve the table and explore the seabed

This game makes us An underwater world that can be personalizedTo do this, you have to solve match-3 type puzzles and cross the level. The purpose is nothing more than raising funds to invest in the renovation of the seabed as an aquarium. To do this, we also have mini-games to help you make money.

The mechanics are similar to those of other games where you need to combine three or more elements on the board to make a home or environment refurbishment.In this case we can Discover new settings and, of course, add fish that need to be protected Some danger.

The main features of this game are:

  • Resolve dozens of tables.
  • Make money by playing mini games.
  • Please help the inhabitants of the seabed.
  • Draw the environment in various mood styles.
  • Explore all sorts of places on the ocean floor.

Download Fishdom download to pc

Last Version 2021

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to install on your Windows 10 PC. The installation process of the program depends on its developer.

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