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The game features a player-driven economy in which almost every item is created by the player. A unique, classless “wear you” system that combines armor pieces and weapons to suit your playstyle. Explore the world, face other adventurers in thrilling battles, conquer territories and build homes.

Cross-platform play: Albion Online is a true cross-platform MMO experience. Whether you prefer PC or mobile, you can play on all platforms with one account and all players on one shared server.

Player-led economy: From basic tools and clothing to powerful armor and powerful weapons, almost every item in the game is created by the player in a building created by the player, from resources collected by the player. Buy, sell and trade at Albion’s local marketplaces around the world. Create rare and powerful items and sell them to the highest bidders to increase your fortune.

What you are wearing: In Albion Online’s classless combat system, the weapons and armor you use determine your skills, and switching playstyles is as easy as switching gears. Try new equipment at any time and change your weapons, armor and mounts to suit every situation. Hone your character’s skills by creating new items or simply using your favorite equipment.

Get ready to fight: Try yourself with other adventurers in a high-risk, high-return full loot battle. From solos to small groups to large battles, winning requires strategy, tactics and skills. Level up your combat expertise, create your own builds with complementary skills, and use all the tools at your disposal to win. Enter the Crystal Realm, fight 5v 5 or 20-20 battles and get huge rewards.

World domination: Join the guild and create your own Albion in a large open world battle. Claim territory to access incredible resources, build guild halls, build hideouts, and track progress with other guilds around the world on your leaderboard. Join urban factions to increase your rank and participate in continent-wide faction campaigns.

Put the route down: Own a city plan or private island and make it your own. You can grow and sell your crops, feed them, raise livestock and horses, and build craft stations for private or public use. Stock your home with custom furniture, trophies and chests to keep your growing collection of loot. Hire and train workers to keep everything running smoothly.

Face deadly enemies: From small scouts to giant bosses, ALBION’s open-world residents await your challenge. Play against six different factions, each with a unique enemy that requires its own strategy. Take part in solo or group expeditions, or face the devil and other players in Helgate and collapsed dungeons for the ultimate thrill.

Explore the vast world: Explore five vibrant biomes to collect raw materials for crafting and throw fishing lines into the waters of ALBION to catch fish. Look for solo and group dungeons with powerful enemies and lucrative rewards. Enter the mysterious Road of Avalon and discover the ever-changing paths between distant zones.


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