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How to see CPU and GPU temperature in Windows 10

June 24, 2021 |

It must be taken into account that the good health of these important elements will largely depend on the operation of the rest of the equipment. Here a multitude of variables come into play, and not all of them are measurable by us. But among these we find something of the transcendence of temperature, both of the CPU as of the GPU. And it is sure that on more than one occasion you have noticed how the fans the PC suddenly started up. What’s more, there are times when you may notice that they are running at full speed, which could be a bit worrisome in some cases. This is something that is usually directly related, either with the temperature of the CPU, or with that of the GPU at that precise moment. Therefore, if we are running programs that demand a lot of PC resources, it is possible that…    read more 

What is the Lsass.exe process in Windows and how to identify it

June 24, 2021 |

We mention this specific process because it is one of these elements that we are going to find in a regular way working, but that we do not know. In fact and due to its consumption of RAM and CPU, some think it is some kind of malicious code. That is why in these same lines we will talk about it in detail. And we must know that each Windows PC has a series of system files loaded. These files are responsible for different processes of the same, as is the case at hand. As we told you, when a computer is turned on, multiple processes begin to run in the background. This ensures that the equipment works properly at all times. One of them is Lsass.exe, which like other elements of this type, some types of malware and viruses use them to disguise themselves. This means that cybercriminals sometimes…    read more 

How to run a program as administrator at startup in Windows 10

June 23, 2021 |

In general, when we want to start an application as an administrator, we have several ways. Either by right-clicking on the application and selecting Run dome administrator or searching for it in the start menu. Whatever the form, it is something that we will have to do manually every time we open the application. However, it is also possible to configure them to always run with administrator rights every time we open them. Run an application with administrator rights When we use the Windows operating system, it allows us to create two types of users. On the one hand, there is the local user which is the one that usually uses the equipment, and on the other is the administrator. In the latter case, we have greater privileges that will allow us to configure, install or uninstall certain applications exclusively, something that local users could not do. That is why,…    read more 

Add album art to MP3 files – How to do it in Windows 10

June 22, 2021 |

The album art is the image that is shown in the background while we are playing a song or album in our music player. Sometimes this image may be embedded in the MP3 or not. But we do not have to worry since it will be possible to add one as well as change an existing one in several ways, all of them totally easy and accessible. Why does a music file have no album art? In general, MP3 files are obtained from ripping our audio CDs when we transfer them to the computer. During the copying process, the program we use will be in charge of extracting the file along with all the information it contains, such as the artist’s name, album title, genre, track number, year of release, among other information found. within your metadata tag, just like the album art. With this we get it to be…    read more 

How to open Dropbox folders from Windows 10 Explorer

June 21, 2021 |

If we have decided to install the Dropbox application on our Windows 10 computer, it will be through it where we can see all our saved files and folders. Its interface is simple to use and visually attractive, so we should not have any problem in this regard. However, we also have the possibility to view all our content stored in Dropbox using Windows File Explorer, following one of the simple steps that we will see below. What is the Dropbox desktop app Dropbox has a desktop application for Windows 10 from which we can access all our files and folders that we have stored in our account. This application can be downloaded for free from its website. In this way we can see all the content of our account from our computer Once we have the Dropbox application installed, three things are added to our computer: Direct access to…    read more 

How to increase the maximum volume in Windows 10

June 20, 2021 |

Either because the speakers of our computer do not give much more or that the file we are playing is recorded at a low volume, in Windows 10 we can make some adjustments to the system to improve the quality and volume of the sound. In the same way, we can use some third-party applications that will also help us for this purpose. Improve sound playback from Windows 10 Settings Windows 10 has the ability to make certain adjustments to improve sound reproduction and control the volume within the system. To do this we must access the Configuration by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” and click on “System”. In the next window, in the left column, select “Sound”. Now we will have the possibility to choose the sound output device, the volume controller and the option to use the sound troubleshooter in Windows 10. In this way, we…    read more 

Brightness control not working in Windows 10 – Solution

June 19, 2021 |

To change the brightness of our monitor we can make use of different elements such as our keyboard, the buttons on the monitor itself or from the Settings section in Windows 10. Regardless of the chosen method, the brightness level remains unchanged until we decide to change it. In case this is not the case, we have a problem with our screen that we must solve. Causes why the brightness control does not stay fixed That the brightness of the screen does not remain fixed can be something exasperating, because if the brightness is set too low it can be very uncomfortable to work with documents. Whereas, if the screen is too bright, it will consume more energy, it can be annoying in low ambient light conditions, and in case of having a laptop degraded the battery more quickly. If we have verified that the screen brightness control does not…    read more 

Keyboard Accents Not Working – How to Troubleshoot

June 18, 2021 |

There are few things as frustrating as needing to write and not being able to put accents. Something that can happen for no apparent reason or cause, which can make us despair. That is why it is never too much to review the causes that can cause this problem, as well as its possible solutions so that everything returns to normal. Causes why keyboard accents are not displayed That we cannot write with accents and accents is quite a chore that can ruin a whole day of work or study due to not being able to write correctly. This can be due to a hardware or software problem. If the problem is hardware, it is that the keyboard does not work properly, liquid has spilled or the key that we use for the accents has stopped working. In case the keyboard is not the problem then we enter the software…    read more 

Windows 10 Build 19042.1081 – Quality Update KB5003690

June 18, 2021 |

Last month Microsoft finally released the 21H1. This new version of Windows 10 arrived as a minor update, without many visual novelties, but with internal fixes and optimizations. In addition, last week Microsoft has activated the new News and Interests panel for all Windows 10 users, despite the fact that, well, we knew that it was giving problems. Between the new version of Windows and the latest cumulative system patch, problems have skyrocketed. Therefore, the arrival of the new quality update KB5003690 is very important, since thanks to it we will be able to update our PC and use Windows in the best possible way. All fixes from Build 19042.1081 Being a new cumulative patch, the first thing to keep in mind is that we are not going to find security fixes. All that this update will fix are bugs and errors not related to security, problems that affect the…    read more 

Windows Update button has disappeared – Fix problem

June 18, 2021 |

The search button for Windows update can be found in the Settings menu of our computer. From there it is in charge of notifying us every time there is a new update available, to download and install it, so that we can always have our PC updated. The importance of Windows updates Windows Update is a Microsoft operating system tool that is responsible for managing and controlling updates for the system and its components. To do this, it will give priority to important or security updates, later it will carry out those that serve to make improvements or fixes that may contain Windows and, finally, it takes care of minor and optional updates, which will only be executed if we start them. Therefore, if the Windows Update button disappears, we will not be able to access the updates, which allows the system to maintain vulnerabilities in the face of possible…    read more